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Lazellari Construction - General Construction and Home Remodeling CompanyLazellari Construction - General Construction and Home Remodeling CompanyLazellari Construction - General Construction and Home Remodeling Company
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Quick Teardown of Old Fixtures Saves You Time and Money

Besides preserving your sanity during your home remodel, demolition experts keep your projects on schedule. Why have your building contractor wait around for your work site to be cleared of unwanted sinks, countertops, and cabinetry, when they can start right away on giving you the new room that you desire? Contracting companies that don’t have demolition expertise in-house take longer to complete projects, and they charge for extra labor needs and extended schedules. You can avoid holding up your renovation effort by contacting us about our demolition services

Did You Know Wrecking Unwanted Building Fixtures & Structures Is Regulated?

While your three-year old regularly demonstrates above-average demolition skills, tearing down a permanent structure requires professional expertise. Some remodeling efforts involve handling dangerous materials or preserving natural land features, which is why many cities require that you get a permit for demolition work. Lazellari Construction has been walking customers through the demolition permit and inspection processes since 2016. We make sure that your project starts and finishes smoothly. 

Knocking Down Old Structures is Dangerous, Don’t Do It Yourself

Sharp, broken tiles and splintered wood are common work site items during renovations. Without the proper training, tools, and gear, you could easily incur injuries by doing the job yourself. We’ve been performing safe demolition services for 4 years. Our technicians arrive at your home with the right safety equipment to execute your project according to our industry’s standards. 


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